What You Can Do When Acne Treatments Aren't…

4. Are you using a proven acne treatment?

There are literally hundreds of acne treatments available today; some are great and others not-so-great.  To give yourself the best opportunity for success, choose an acne treatment with a proven track record. 

For over-the-counter products, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or sulfur are the best options, so look for these active ingredients.  If your OTC product doesn’t contain one of these, it’s unlikely to do anything helpful for acne.  

Ditto for home remedies, acne “treatment” vitamins, and all-natural skin care products.  Some people swear their acne cleared up after going vegan, or cleansing their face with baking soda, or using a natural skin care product or supplement.  And that’s great!  But it’s also an exception to the rule.  For the vast majority of people, these won’t do much for the skin. More »