What to Expect at Your First Dermatology…

3.  Expect to be treated with respect.

The vast majority of dermatologists are professionals whom genuinely want to help and have their patient’s best interests at heart.  That said, there are a few random “bad apples” out there.

Don’t stand for a dermatologist who is rude or demeaning, doesn’t spend time looking at your skin, or gives you a hard-sell for skin care products.  You should feel comfortable with this person, and your dermatologist should act professionally and respectfully. 

Remember, though, respect must go both ways.  Most dermatologists I know welcome their patients’ questions, but they don’t appreciate those who aren’t willing to listen to the answer.  And yes, Google is an amazing tool, but you should ultimately trust in the experience of your dermatologist.  Isn’t that why you made the appointment in the first place?