What Is Green Concealer and Why Is It Used?

Updated June 18, 2014.

Question: What Is Green Concealer and Why Is It Used?

When shopping for a good acne makeup, I came across a lot of concealers that were green. I can’t imagine why anyone with acne would want to put green makeup on their skin. Why is green concealer used for acne makeup?


Despite its unusual color (or rather, because of it) green concealer can be an acne-sufferer’s best friend. Used correctly, it can help cover the redness from
inflamed pimples and camouflage breakouts.

Unless you’re an artist, you may be perplexed exactly how this would work. To understand, look at a painter’s color wheel. Opposite the color red on the color wheel is green. So, green will help counteract redness in the skin.

Of course, all you really need to know is how to use this concealer correctly. Apply just a small amount to an inflamed blemish, and gently blend by patting with a makeup sponge or your finger. You may use a second application if needed.

No one wants to look like a St. Patrick’s Day decoration gone bad, so make sure you really blend that green concealer. When you’re done, cover with another concealer that matches your skin tone.