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Do Not Let The Acne Lesion Will Leave Signals In The Face

When talking about acne lesion that are talking about the clogged acne lesionskin pores or deep masses in the face, chest, back, neck, shoulders and arms.These can be called pimples, blackheads, cysts or nodules. If you are a teenager who is probably going to have acne. In fact you

could have it even if you’re 30. Although not endanger your life, it could upset your disfiguring life permanently. Even acne is severe you might end up doing that.

The hormones change during puberty in adolescence are the reason you have acne lesion the sebaceous oil glands work overtime during this time in your life. Usually, they are reacting to androgen, a male hormone. Women also have androgens, though not as much to men as men.

A sebaceous follicle hair shaft within the sebaceous gland is the culprit. When you are in adolescence skin cells lining these sebaceous follicles start segregrar more fat when you’re younger. If these cells

stick together as they shed oil increasingly it will probably cover the opening of the sebaceous follicle, fat continues to flow, however, and no way out only causes the follicles swell,this is an acne lesion.

The bacteria normally exist on the skin and bacteria called P,acne  multiplies more than usual when a hair follicle becomes plugged. This is irritating to the skin and often inflammation can even make the

burst follicle then stretches the skin around the follicle. the meaning of the results that follow are acne pimples, nodules and blackheads, commonly known as lesions.

You may have heard some of the myths about acne, most of which are probably false. If you have heard, for example, that not having proper hygiene will make you have more acne is false. If you believe that this

could end you wash your face or shave grown to acne, are mitos.El is excess fat in the skin causes acne, lthough since you have to remove the excess skin oil disposal should be soft and gentle washing with

washing twice daily,then you should just dry the skin gently, again gently. Of course you can try one or more of the over the counter acne treatments or consult your dermatologist if your acne is severe or there are treatments to remove acne of the acne lesion.