Solodyn (Minocycline HCL, USP)

Updated April 29, 2014.

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Solodyn is an extended-release medication that contains minocycline. It is taken orally and used to treat moderate to severe acne vulgaris.

Solodyn is available in five different strengths. The strength you need is determined by your weight.

You can only get Solodyn with a prescription from your doctor.

How Solodyn Works:

Solodyn belongs to a group of antibiotics called tetracyclines. It improves acne by reducing the amount of acne-causing bacteria on the skin, as well as decreasing inflammation.

Solodyn works only for those red, pus-filled pimples and papules. It won’t improve non-inflammatory breakouts like blackheads and whiteheads.

How Solodyn Is Used:

Solodyn is taken once a day for 12 weeks. You can take Solodyn any time that suits you (and is easy for you to remember), so long as you take it at the same time each day.

Although Solodyn can be taken on an empty stomach, some doctors recommend taking it with food so it doesn’t irritate the esophagus.

Possible Side Effects of Solodyn:

Solodyn is meant for people over the age of 12. If used by younger children, it can cause permanent tooth discoloration.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not use Solodyn. Even men who are trying to father a child should avoid taking this medication. Solodyn is a FDA Pregnancy Category D medication, and can harm a developing fetus.

Other possible side effects include:

  • Headache
  • Nausea or stomach pain
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Tiredness
  • Diarrhea
  • Photosensitivity

Tips for Using Solodyn:

  • Solodyn can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Use sunscreen every day, and stay away from tanning beds.
  • Don’t chew or break the tablets. Solodyn tablets are meant to dissolve slowly, giving a steady dose of medication over time. If you break the tablet before you take it, you’ll get too much medication at one time.
  • Solodyn shouldn’t be used with some medications, such as penicillin, certain antacids, blood thinners, and isotretinoin. Tell your doctor about all medications you’re taking so you can avoid interactions.


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