Got Blackheads? Try These…

Updated October 29, 2014.

I probably get asked about blackheads more than anything else. Because even if you don’t have acne, everyone (seriously, everyone) has blackheads.

Blackheads are what we call open comedones, basically blocked pores where the top is open and exposed to air. This is where the black “head” comes from. It’s actually not dirt. The air turns the oil plug dark brown. Nice, huh?

As you probably already know, blackheads are extremely stubborn. It will take time to see improvement, so be prepared to be patient. Ready? Try these:

  • Over the counter remedies can give you some relief from blackheads, especially if they are mild. Our Guide to Skin Care has put together a piece of 9 blackhead products you should try. Just remember, they must be used consistently for you to see results.
  • For more blackhead-busting power, you’ll need to bring in the prescription treatments. Topical retinoids are probably the best treatments we have for treating blackheads.
  • Want quicker results? Your dermatologist or esthetician can extract some of those “looser” blackheads to give you more immediate results. (You can also extract them yourself if you’re gentle.) But it is so much easier to extract blackheads after you’ve been using a topical retinoid for a few weeks.

If you’re dying for more beat-those-blackhead tips, check out How To Get Rid of Blackheads.

Blackheads and Other Pore Problems: