Control the Problem of Acne with Best Natural Homemade Face Masks (Pamela Mickman)

The problem of acne is faced by people of all ages and sexes. Acne is mostly caused due to over production of oil in the deep layers of skin or due to some bacterial infections. Regardless of the cause behind occurrence of acne, it is a discomforting condition for the skin. At the same time, it makes your skin look ugly. Acne is just like ugly spots on your beautiful skin. But you may control the problem of occurrence of acne by using natural face masks. These are quite easy to be prepared and just need the ingredients commonly found in our kitchens or homes. Let us have a look at some of the best acne face masks.

Sulfur Mask- Due to antibacterial and antibiotic properties present in sulfur, it helps in killing the P-acnes bacteria present in the pores of the skin. You may combine it with clay, green tea powder and aspirin. To this mixture, add apple cider vinegar and distilled water to make a smooth paste. It is one of the best face masks which can be prepared at home for effective treatment of acne. Apply this paste on your face and let the clay start drying. When the mask is completely dried, rinse it with the help of warm water. It is to be noted that people who have sensitive skin should avoid a sulfur face mask.

Clay Mask- You may use bentonite calcium clay or green clay for preparing a face mask for your skin. It is an efficient ingredient to deal with the problem of acne as it is rich in antibacterial properties. Also it helps in removing excess of oil or sebum, from the pores of skin. At the same time, clay also proves to be an efficient exfoliant for the skin. It also paces up the problem of healing of injuries on the skin. You may prepare a clay mask by mixing clay with warm water. Apply it on your skin and keep it there for around 15 minutes. Although you may feel a tingling sensation on the skin however it is due to removal of toxins from the skin by the clay. You may start rinsing the mask till it is somewhat damp. Take care not to let it dry completely as it may lead to dryness in the skin as well. You may make the mask wet again by patting with wet hands followed by massaging and rinsing with warm water.

Oatmeal and Yogurt Mask- It is rather an easy remedy for acne as both oatmeal and yogurt are easily available at our homes. It is the best face mask for sensitive skin. Yogurt helps in bleaching the skin. At the same time, it is rich in zinc which helps in reducing scars and spots from the skin. Yogurt also helps in moisturizing the skin due to presence of lactic acid in it. Oats are also beneficial for skin as these are rich in saponins, which are naturally occurring cleansers. Crush the oatmeal thoroughly and mix it with yogurt to make a paste. Honey may also be added for easy application on the face. Let the mask remain on your skin for approximately 15 minutes followed by rinsing with warm water.