Book Review: The Skin Commandments By Dr. Tony…

Updated January 01, 2014.

A great guidebook to help you create holistically healthy skin. Broken down into ten chapters (or “commandments,” if you will) this book lays everything out into actionable steps that you can easily incorporate into your skin care routine.

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  • Covers a wide range of info, but doesn’t feel overwhelming.
  • Tips are easy to implement into your daily skin care routine.
  • Focuses on both the external and internal for holistically healthy skin
  • Doesn’t favor one brand or another; instead teaches you how to choose the right skin care products.


  • Some of the “commandments” may be out of reach because of the cost.


  • The Skin Commandments: 10 Rules to Healthy, Beautiful Skin by Tony Nakhla, DO, FAOCD
  • Paperback, 154 pages, with black-and-white illustrations
  • Published by Reedy Press, ISBN: 978-935806-06-6

Guide Review – Book Review: The Skin Commandments By Dr. Tony Nakhla

For an organ that we look at every single day, the skin is very complex. And often prone to problems. Wouldn’t it be great if the skin came with an owner’s manual?

The Skin Commandment is as close to one as I’ve found. Authored by physician Tony Nakhla, DO, FAOCD, The Skin Commandments lays out ten rules to follow for keeping your skin healthy. Each chapter gives a “commandment,” complete with the requisite thou shalts and all.

Although it does have several pages devoted to acne, this isn’t an acne treatment book. What it is, is a basic guidebook to creating healthy skin long-term. There are plenty of essentials that will help you care for you skin as you treat acne at the same time.

Esthetically, the book immediately appealed to me. The page layout is simple with lots of white space, and the printing is easy to read. Cool facts are set apart in boxes.

Lots of info about ingredients is included, which is so important and helpful. Ever tried to read the ingredient label on your skin care product? What do all those multi-syllable words actually mean? Dr. Nakhla lays out all the important ingredients to look for, and what they do, without requiring you to become a chemist.

I loved the various recipes included, especially the exfoliating at-home “mini peel” directions. Using just a basic salicylic acid cleanser (which you probably already have anyway) the book describes how you can make your own homemade exfoliating peel. It’s too easy! I was so excited about it, as soon as I finished the chapter I tried it.

But The Skin Commandments isn’t only about skin care products. Dr. Nakhla didn’t overlook the internal factors like nutrition, exercise, stress management and even spirituality and the effects that they have on the skin. I like that, a lot.

And since I believe in the old adage “you are what you eat,” I was also excited to see a list of super foods and how they help protect the skin. I was even more excited to have an excuse to eat chocolate (no, chocolate doesn’t cause acne but does have healthful antioxidants.)

Some of the commandments, regarding Botox and dermal fillers, didn’t appeal to me personally. And I know that these procedures will be cost-prohibitive for many people. But I acknowledge that many people will be interested in them, and the author does a good job explaining what to expect during these procedures, who they are right for, and how to choose a safe practitioner.

Mainly, I liked the simple way The Skin Commandments laid out the information in a way that was easy to follow. I felt like I could incorporate most of them into my skin care routine almost immediately, and without much fuss.

If you’re looking for a guide to help you care for your skin, this is a good one. Follow all the commandments in this book and I’m sure your skin will be healthier for it.

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