Baby Acne Causes and Treatment

Although infants usually don’t suffer from oily skin, however, in rare cases, baby acne is caused by excessively oily skin. If you find that your bundle of joy has oily skin and has acne, you should wash the skin of your sweet little baby with warm water and mild baby soap at least three times a day.

Bad Nutrition
Since your baby cannot pick up bad eating habits at this early age, infantile acne due to bad nutrition is very rare. Bad nutrition can be the cause of infantile acne if parents are not attentive toward their babies’ diet. If you are thoughtful of your baby’s diet, then what is causing your baby to suffer from acne is —

Change of Hormones
It can happen to infants before their births. Mother’s hormones get passed to the baby via the placenta. Change of hormones can also happen when the baby has been separated from the mother. Mother’s milk is also a source of hormones for the baby.

Due to any of the above mentioned causes of baby acne, acne can occur to babies in as young age as 2 to 3 weeks.

Baby Acne Treatment
Many doctors suggest not using anything for baby acne, but just mild baby soaps with warm water on the baby’s skin during baths for cleansing the skin in order to treat baby acne. You should do just as the doctors suggest. However, if acne doesn’t disappear by the advised cleansing method, you can try, after consulting from your baby’s doctor, very mild over-the-counter 100% natural acne treatment lotions or creams.