Ayurvedic Medicine for Acne-n-Pimple (Pamela Mickman)

We see many people that suffer from pimples or acne on different parts of their body. These bad spots on the skin sometimes become painful and damage it to great extent. There are various medicines for this ailment. Many people prefer to take the homeopathic medicines while few like to be treated with the unani treatments. The traditional medications including allopathic ones have also become much popular. However few of them sometimes result in side effects because of poor ingredients or wrong preparation methods. Ayurvedic System of Medicine proves its worth for the people that suffer from skin problems.

The following ayurvedic medicines and preventive steps go a long way in treating Acne-n-Pimples to great extent.

– Groundnut oil and lemon juice – Blackheads can be prevented by applying this mixture in even manners. The skin becomes smooth and shining with its regular use.

– Cinnamon powder – Mix some lemon juice in this powder and apply it to the affected skin to get wonderful results. Alternatively, you may make a good paste of this powder by mixing honey. Apply it in the night and wash the next morning. Doing it regularly for two three weeks gives good relief.

– Prepare a juice by blending raw papaya and apply on the swelling pimples that will vanish soon.
Make a paste by crushing orange peel. Apply the same on the face or other part of the body that is affected with pimples. It will give excellent results.

– Mix rose water and lime juice. It helps to remove the pimples.

– Pimples, blackheads and cracked skin can be defeated by applying boiled milk mixed with fresh lime juice.

– Pulp of ripe tomatoes also works wonders for pimples and acne.

– Pimples can be got rid of with ground radish seeds that may be converted into good paste by mixing water.

– Pimples, eczema, scabies, skin infection, insect stings and blackheads etc can be treated well with mint juice by applying it evenly on the affected area.

– Make a mixture of drumstick pods & leaves and lime juice. Pimples can be removed effectively by applying it evenly.

– Skin rashes, pimples and allergies can be got rid of with sesame seeds by making their paste with water.

– Fresh fenugreek leaves mixed with water can prevent pimples.

– Pimples can be got rid of with tea tree oil by using it moderately.

– Mixture of honey, aloe vera, orange peel, cucumber, sandalwood and neem etc can also help the persons that suffer from pimples.

– It is recommended that our skin is kept free from any dirt and other toxic elements. Sufficient water must be taken on frequent basis.

– People suffering from pimples and other skin problems should take rich diets and avoid smoking or drinks.